Boutique bags-The heater

Boutique bags -The heater

Heating element is made of cast iron pieces of the initial casting thickness 30 mm. Treated with one side flat and slightly raised 3 mm and shaped in the form … Continue Reading →

Homemademachine for reinforcement of boutique bags 1

Homemade machines for reinforcement boutique bags

  #homemademachines Here on upper picture is presented Homemade machines for reinforcement boutique bags.It consists from simple mechanical pully- leverage atached on table and electrical compartment also placed on top of … Continue Reading →

Homemade machine

Homemade machines for reinforcement

  Definition of hot adhesive film implies that the two pieces of foil placed over each other and to unite under the influence of heat The heater is  heating the … Continue Reading →

Homemademachines-Solar heater experiment 4

Homemademachines-Solar panel heater experiment 4

This is a picture of the heater before it is added to the base and reflective surfaces. Reflective surfaces on our flat solar panel heater I made the card by … Continue Reading →

Homemademachines-Solar heater experiment 3

Homemademachines-Solar heater experiment 3

A new record for our flat solar heater as seen in the picture received two reflective surfaces … More so, the whole system should be as a pipeline, consisting of … Continue Reading →

Homemademachines-Solar heater experiment 2

Homemademachines-Solar heater experiment 2

Now let’s add a reflective surface and do new measurements, we may later add another glass and maybe not … for now quite satisfied with this heater, gave exactly what … Continue Reading →